With our special bus, we enable passengers with reduced mobility to travel barrier-free at home and abroad. 

For us, a successful journey begins with personalised advice and adapting to your needs. With our special bus, we enable travellers with reduced mobility to enjoy barrier-free travel at home and abroad. This wheelchair bus has been specially converted to meet the needs of people with disabilities. In addition to the amenities of a 4-star coach, it offers space for up to 14 wheelchairs. Thanks to a powerful electric lifting platform, even people with heavy electric wheelchairs can get on and off the bus in comfort and reach their seats easily. Special safety devices and safety belts ensure that wheelchairs and passengers are optimally secured during the journey.

  • Reisen mit Rollstuhl im Bus
  • The most important facts in brief

    • Wheelchair users can remain seated in their wheelchair if they wish or transfer to the comfortable fixed seats.
    • Personalised and individually tailored to your needs. The seating in the wheelchair coach can be customised depending on the number of wheelchairs.
    • The coach is equipped with air conditioning, toilet, refrigerator and Nespresso machine for comfortable travelling.
    • Safety is a top priority for us, and our friendly and helpful drivers undergo professional and specific training courses.
  • Seating and wheelchair capacities

    1 wheelchair - 46 remaining seats
    2 wheelchair - 44 remaining seats
    3 Wheelchair - 42 remaining seats
    4 Wheelchair - 40 remaining seats
    5 Wheelchair - 36 remaining seats
    6 Wheelchair - 34 remaining seats
    7 Wheelchair - 32 remaining seats
    8 Wheelchair - 30 remaining seats
    9 Wheelchair - 26 remaining seats
    10 Wheelchair - 24 remaining seats
    11 Wheelchair - 22 remaining seats
    12 Wheelchair - 20 remaining seats
    13 Wheelchair - 18 remaining seats
    14 Wheelchair - 16 remaining seats

  • Sitzplatz und Rollstuhl Kapazitäten

What do I need to bear in mind when booking?

  • Please enquire about the availability of our wheelchair bus in good time, as there is always high demand.
  • The more wheelchair users travelling, the more time you need to allow for boarding and alighting.
  • We need the approximate number of wheelchairs and power wheelchairs in order to provide you with a quote.
  • The space available depends on the number of wheelchairs transported (electric wheelchairs on request)

We organise group trips for people with disabilities

We are your travel specialist for barrier-free coach travel. We are happy to support you in planning and realising your travel plans. Contact us on 062 296 1261 or fill in the enquiry form.